Always Tired

Always Tired?

Proven Fact:
Sleep Loss Makes You Leave This Planet Sooner…

The upcoming fishing trip was just weeks away. John was already anxious; his apprehension growing. He was well aware that his snoring wasn’t typical. He knew it was abnormally disturbing and abnormally loud. The teasing was good natured but John was extremely embarrassed by it. He didn’t want to be that guy, he did not want to be the joke.

Not only is the snoring a nuisance for John, he notices that he is extremely tired in the mornings. Not just after a restless sleep or late night, but always. Daily, he wakes up unmotivated, sluggish and just mimicking the motions of the day. At 45 years of age, John looks, acts and feels way older than he actually is.

At some point, we have all laughed or teased a person that snores. Everyone has a snoring story to share. What isn’t funny are the damaging affects snoring has on your health. Health concerns ranging from frustrating to life threatening can result form inadequate or lack of sleep.

Sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea can increase the risk of hypertension, hearth disease and stroke. It can also lead to serious illness and major accidents. Sleep apnea sufferers are over 300 % more liable to be involved in fatal car crash.

The label “sleep with sound” has been given to snoring but one thing is for sure. A snorer acquires no sound sleep. Those lacking regular, quality sleep increase their chance for hearth attacks by more than 23 times. The compounded strain and stress on your body can activate depression, disease, illness, mental disorders and physical obstacles.